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Meet Valerie Jean Garduno, the supermodel stand-up comicBy Dana Rossi EARLIER THIS YEAR, I observed something so rare in nature, I’m pretty sure that what I actually saw was its genesis: I saw a former runway model perform stand-up comedy. I had gone...
It was all for laughs. The search for "New York's Funniest Stand-up" comic kicked off at Carolines On Broadway Tuesday with pros and wanna-be comedians cracking jokes about family, evangelical Christians, dating, sex - and the MTA. "You ever wait for...

Theirry Mugler Couture

Theirry Mugler Couture  Theirry Mugler couture show was my all time favorite show!
I have never been so content as a drag queen, then on this show! It was an honor!

Modeling Daze

This was my all time favorite Fashion shows! Mugler went over the top, we were all treated like royal drag queens!! It was an honor to work with him, I never felt so Glamorous!!


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